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WYFL Board Contact Page


Gabe Lee

Gabe Lee

President/ Coaches Representative

Phone: 801-698-8726

Kevin Hill

VP Finance/Treasurer

Cristin Youngberg

Cristin Youngberg

VP Records and Registration/Secretary

Matt Barclay

Matt Barclay

VP Equipment

Phone: 801-664-5726

Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

VP Communications and Marketing

Scott  Pounder

Scott Pounder

VP Equipment / Jerseys


Lauren  Cooper

Lauren Cooper

Events and Fundraising

Phone: 801-358-5300

Troy Williams

Troy Williams

Events and Registration

Phone: 801-557-5279

Catie Johanson

Committee Chair/Secretary

WYFL Board Meetings

WYFL board meetings are typically held once per month. Check the calendar for dates, times and locations of board meetings. Parents are encouraged to attend. The first 15 minutes of every board meeting is open for public comment.

The WYFL is successful because of volunteers that work hard to make it successful. If you are interested in being involved in the WYFL, consider serving on one of the committees that have been organized. Please contact Gabe Lee WYFL League President  (contact info above) to express interest in serving on a committee. We love extra helping hands!